The Harri-Parris: The Leaving Do

The Harri-Parris are a West Walian farming family. They love having visitors. Any visitors. Those who brave the farm’s long, long lane are very, very welcome. Provided they don’t mind the odd song. Or a bit of village gossip. And agricultural show rosettes. They must be interested in agricultural show rosettes.

The family’s only daughter, Anni Harri-Parri, is off to the bright lights of London and you are invited to help send her off in style. The Harri-Parris: The Leaving Do is a thoroughly entertaining evening of comedy, drama and song that takes a warm and witty look at the ups and downs of living in rural West Wales.

‘Warm, charming and affectionate’. ‘As endearing and convincing as anything Ruth Jones or Rob Brydon might have created’.


‘Hilarious, though also with poignant moments, this a delightful and playful show for everyone to enjoy’.

Three Weeks.

‘Fantastic Production’. ‘Fantastic cast’. ‘Well deserving of your time’.

 “Loved the show! Moving, funny and original!”

Les Dennis

The Harri-Parris: The Big Day

The Harri-Parris are a west Walian farming family. Hilarious and dysfunctional, they love nothing more than having visitors round. And that’s you! Anni, the farm’s only daughter, is getting married and so the Harri-Parris want to celebrate the big day with you. Well, not the actual big day, they’re not made of money. How about the night before? The night they’re going to meet Anni’s new English, vegetarian, indie musician fiancé for the first time. What could possibly for wrong?

Dust off your posh hats and join the Harri-Parris for a thoroughly entertaining evening of songs, stories and cake. Lots of cake.

‘Comedy theatre at its best’

Wales Arts Review

‘Excellent entertainment, assembling its familiar elements with great charm and skill’.

British Theatre Guide.

‘The Harri-Parris is a must see, laugh out loud comedy with astonishing attention to detail’.

The Western Mail